Tuesday, February 24, 2004

London - Where have the interesting people gone?

Once you could walk the streets of London and discern the people who had something interesting to express. They would show it in their clothes, their walk, their attitude, their approach, their disaffection. They would take it to the streets and make a Performance piece, or busk, or even just get drunk and drug crazed in public.

When you start looking around at blogs, you will be struck at how amazing they are, and how many there are. Glimpses into fascinating people, that you didn't know existed in London, with genius driving them near the edge of schizophrenic madness.

Oh dear, so this is where Life has disappeared into a Black Hole. Perhaps never to appear again. We return to being a society of people such as existed before the 70s - keeping our dirty laundry indoors (but on the internet). As in days of old when little girls used to sit obediently in their bedrooms, and write, "Dear Pen Pal", or "Dear Diary". Yet when we meet in the pubs or even in the Chat Rooms, we're afraid of conversation outside of celebrities, football or sex, and we desperately want to be seen as "just a normal guy", or "sane and sorted".

Maybe the trend hasn't reached Cardiff yet, where they brawl in the streets on a Saturday night, but it surely will, as surely as Tesco's and Asda's trucks do arrive there.

I shall content myself that I saw the late twentieth century. But Snoboardr's exhortations to get OUT there are ever more amplified. You're expected to keep up with the Internet, and I think you have to do that, but it is a poor substitute for Life.

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