Sunday, February 22, 2004

SooOoo Baaddd.... vs being Good

It starts very young. The quickening of the pulse, the rush of adrenalin. You make your choice at some early age, and for so much of your life you repeat it over and over again without ever understanding it.

Its about WHY you decide to be excited. Does being BAD excite you, while being Good feels like death to you? You're not alone. It isn't necessarily human nature, but it is common.

So common, that it became fashionable, at the end of the twentieth century, and today it has passed its peak of fashion.

Oh those rap stars have been at the pinnacle of modishness. Fifty Cent is a sign that badness has become trite, and comprehensible. You can almost laugh at his silliness now. Badness without depth. Badness brought to the surface and turned into a style of clothing, a style of talking, a style of ACTING. Badness as a style, is the end of Badness.

And all fads do fade. So what has Badness got to do with you? If you're a teenager just wearing the style, you won't have a serious problem yet. You'll just get nostalgic for it when you hit your Thirties.

If you're 35 to 55, your problem is more insidious, because it's growing without your even knowing its there. Some of today's children could take one look at you, see right through you, and laugh. What are they laughing at? How can they be so clever? It's not that they are special geniuses, just that they can see something that seems so ridiculous to them that the idea is automatically funny. They don't even understand why, but it's such a basic feature of human personality that they can pick up on it instantly. And they'll view you as out of date, out of touch.

For you to recognise it, just think about sex. Do you get excited about picking someone Virtuous, or Dirty? Do you depend on the thrill of doing something Bad? Something your parents would disapprove of? Is your favourite sexual partner someone that you couldn't imagine your parents being with?

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