Thursday, June 24, 2004

What's Love got to do with it?

I'm so unused to getting feedback on this blog, it's quite a surprise! Firstly Madame Tytania sends me an email compliment, then my blog gets mentioned by her, in her interview and then I actually get comments on this blog!

I guess I am more accustomed to a garret-inhabiting mentality... one advantage is that it offers you quite untrammelled artistic licence. Blogs are actually quite constraining - there is a great amount that you have to hold back, unless you're entirely anonymous. There are in the blogosphere aspects of decency, shame, and social responsibility, which all act in a way that can actually exert more community values than your neighbours. A blog also has to follow a theme, and offer some consistency, which rule I have somehow instinctively accepted.

This once, I shall indulge myself and use the feedback as a subject for a blog post.

I quite like Madame Tytania's description of my blog:

"was cool till he blogged supporting Ukip"


Sadly, you can't please anybody ALL of the time, and that happens to be one of the major downfalls in the search for Love. The two ways around it are:

1. To avoid knowing any of your lover's thoughts, ideas, dreams, beliefs, etc.

2. To know them, and where they differ from yours, just to accept it as so..

The second option is bloody difficult... I could never claim to be so big-minded that I could do it. I am as prone as anyone could be to take the first option, and immerse myself into a fantasy where I see in a lover only what I want to see..


The most dangerous drug that has ever been sold to young people. Mostly because it is legal, and it is very, very profitable. Coolness is like the very sound that emits from the pipes of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn, as he leads his followers on a merry trance over a cliff.

Having reached the age where I have finally given up on trying to be cool, I have ten times been close to writing a major essay on the subject of coolness since I started blogging. But I found as I looked around with new eyes, that it had all been said and written before, and I had just ignored it all that time...


I never advocate anybody to support anything unconditionally, or for perpetuity. And I only expressly support something when I find that the general public/media have taken a trite stance against it. Isn't it peculiar that there is so much triteness in popular society, even as there is so much aspiration to coolness?

Anyway, so much for my usual over-analysis! Sometimes I bore myself stupid!

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