Friday, July 09, 2004


What a blessed relief. After the last few weeks, going to see a movie, and then hitting a Firkin pub, albeit suburban (what else do you get in Toronto). Seeing an absolutely stunning waiter and waitress, having a gas with an intelligent friend who buried her father last year.

Fahrenheit 9/11 was pretty good for about an hour of its footage, and the rest was sentimental political filler for the U.S. market. It's always interesting to be reminded about how the rich and the powerful move in a world of their own. For example, the expose was the Bush family and the Bin Laden family, with their corporate and family interests. As my female friend, R. put it, these are rich people indulging their obliviousness to the rest of the world. Two steps beyond ignorance, and one step beyond champagne socialists (eg. Tony Blair).

Oh my dying Dad. His body so wasted and ridiculous. Strangely today he came out with a comedian that I don't think I have ever seen in him.

To contrast him with those young, healthy strapping types at the pub tonight. Once upon a time, if you lived in a village society, you would see this range of life within a five minute walk of your bed. Today, with the Internet, movies, TV, Cars, mobile phones, videos, jet planes, you only come upon this much life, by chance, at some crossroads of your average lifespan, which you then come to look upon as a landmark in your growth and development. At 42, I am not too old to gaze upon a dying man and wonder at his shocking difference with a young virile lusty man. And thence get on with life while I have it, before it is all gone.

Civilization has lost many of the riches of Barbarianism.

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