Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ashley Hedger East London

News history:

Back in January a nasty murder happened here in Upton Park, in Newham, East London, that is nearly as tragic as the Stephen Lawrence murder. The story was predictably drowned by Lefties who were afraid of Righties. Consequently, the Middle Moderates outside East London never seemed to get the story.

The court details of the incident are now public record and reported on the front page of this week's Newham Recorder. The article isn't online yet. The trial continues.

Do a search for Ashley Hedger's murder, and you will be amazed how silent the media have been about it. This is dangerous media censorship. If the vast majority of people in the country who are Middle Moderates, are denied a story like this, is it so surprising that the so-called far Right feel it is their duty to spread the word? Interestingly, even the original Newham Recorder archived articles have been silenced on the Internet.

The worst thing about this tragedy is that it resulted from an uneasiness that exists here in Newham, between different groups of people who have been left to sink into ghetto mentalities. Why is this so different from other parts of London? It isn't that different, because everybody in London lives in a daydream of their own which is very much a ghetto. The degree to which people practice this insularity, is variable. When it results in a murder, it's gone way too far, and as a Londoner, a tragedy that was waiting to happen now hangs around your neck like an albatross. In East London, where nearly everybody came from immigrant stock, we know we can do better than this. And we shouldn't any more allow trite political dinosaurs from any wing of the national political spectrum, to suffocate social progress. No more tragedies are allowed. It's time to shout.


loveandthecity said...

Found the Evening Standard article in January
on this
which doesn't come up on Google.

Newham Recorder still hasn't posted their front page story of this week's issue online. Tsk!

Astolath said...

Strange, Google only comes up with a link the the guestbook on a National Front web page...

Will do some more digging.