Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bridget Jones Diary

It came out on TV tonight to help promote the sequel. When the first one came out in the cinemas a few years ago, I didn't really get caught up in the hype.

So here I was exhausted and impoverished in spirit from hanging my door yesterday, and then installing the door set and latch, and wallpapering around it today.

All that planing and chiselling and drilling and screwing,
and filling and sizing and cutting and glueing.

Flaked out on my sofa, and wondering why the success of my hard work was not enough to stop me feeling crappy.

And now, after watching Bridget Jones, I feel all smiley inside. I'm such a girl sometimes. Is that sexist of me?

It's a feel good movie, but why? Because Bridget makes all the mistakes, and hilariously so, but still there is a happy ending? No, there is more to it than that. It's because Bridget carries with her throughout the ideal of love.

It's quite difficult to remember the ideal of love and the young innocence that it was learned with. And then of course there are the bitternesses of the mistakes that are made. But remembering the ideal of love, just sets the inner smile aglow. And what a timely, timely reminder. Just when I was wondering what was missing.

I wonder how people survive the drudgery of hard working lives without the luxury of carrying this ideal. I know I do not survive it well, and I am reminded.

(funny Freudian slip, I mistyped drudgery as drugdgery. Freudian slips answer your own questions, don't they? London has until the last two years been famous for its drug depending youth, who have for years been coasting on diets of Ecstasy and Clubbing. i.e. They have been surviving the drudgery with drugs. Or am I the drugd gery?)

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