Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bright Day

Blue skies in the morning, clouded over in the afternoon.

Very productive day. Felt it even before I opened my eyes. Fixed the PVC roofing over the back patio. Was up and down the ladder. Michael from the double-glazing company turned up to put on my window handles, but they gave him white ones, which was the wrong colour, although they thought I'd accept it? In any case he fixed the trickle ventilator for the bathroom window, which delighted me. And at least I can now open my wooden windows, until they can change the handles.

Didn't eat a thing till 5pm and felt full of energy all day. Michael is a great guy, this is the second time he's been here and he makes excellent company. Why can't I know more of these types of people? It has nothing to do with love or sex. Even high minded notions of friendship don't come into the equation. He's the kind of person whose company I enjoy. Maybe menopausal middleage has the advantage of allowing me to explore these platonic relationships. After all, there has got to be more to life than unreliable love and short-lived sex!

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