Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cmos, LILO, NT passwords - Data recovery

Cmos, LILO, NT passwords - Data recovery

Well, well, the following debug sequence really DOES clear the CMOS Setup password

DEBUG [Enter]
O 70 2E [Enter]
O 71 0 [Enter]
Q [Enter]

Ok, so a Pentium 233 Mhz is now considered to be as antique as a Reliant Robin. In fact, whole PCs of this ilk go for about £30 on Ebay. Well, what surprise is that when brand new PCs with all bells and whistles are available at Staples and at Dell for under £400?

They're disposable items nowadays. Anybody who used to be a Computer Engineer might as well be a Television or VCR Engineer. Waste of intelligence. But then, they never tell you at school that intelligence has a shelf life and a sell-by date, do they? Probably because the teachers are past their own.....

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