Thursday, November 04, 2004

R.I.P. United States of America

R.I.P. United States of America
(1776 - 2004)

I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your democracy. It must be a very trying time for you. In these difficult times, may God light your way. You must not give up faith in Him. And if you want someone real to talk to, you can always message me.

I came upon these peculiar references in an archive in one of the antiquated molecular memory cell storage systems. I wondered at what was the United States of America bit. I have heard of the Republican States of America, which existed for a short time in the early 21st century, as a precinct ruled by the Global Coalition of Corporate Monopolies. They were famous for their obese people who roamed the North American plains freely until they were hunted into extinction by our great ancestors. Shame. Wonder what they tasted like?
So I did some research. It took me ages, (over 35 minutes!) to reactivate the even older Optical Data reader systems. Apparently there used to be a United States of America until 2006. In that year, it was split into the Democratic States of America and the Republican States of America. This apparently resulted from an election at the end of 2004 which tragically restored a Bio-Muppet by the name of George Bush as President of its country.
Gosh, weren't people stupid in those days. I ran through some videos of their entertainment systems and feeding systems and I couldn't stop laughing at their civilisation. They must have been genetically hybridised with sheep! Even worse than the Bio-Muppets, who at least made some contribution to the genetic design of the worthy opponents of our ancestors.
Oh well, I better get back to work. I have another deadline in 25 milliseconds.

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