Saturday, December 25, 2004

On the First Day of Christmas, I gave to me True Love

What a lovely evening I'm having. The radio is playing blissful choral works, the Xmas lights are up and flashing. The Christmas meal was done at Simon's, and my body has already retaliated against the over-richness by going to the toilet THREE times. Outside, London is quiet, and not the scary mad aggressive nuthouse that gets your hackles up. And there is no Xmas peer pressure around me, and I can just love me. Gosh, it's so much fun and so much easier when you know you've got a job, even a temporary unglamorous one.

Colin had dropped by yesterday evening, entirely by surprise, to drop off a Xmas gift and a card. I left the gift under my Jade plant, which I've strung with tinsel to be my Xmas tree. This year, I have made no concessions to the materialistic consumptive travesty of mis-interpreted Christmas that British Sheep-People are expected to obey. Honestly, except for splashing out yesterday on a £10.50 box of Thornton's chocolates, as my contribution to today's Christmas meal, I have spent scarcely a penny on Christmas. So cards have been kept to less than 6 sent out, and I have bought no presents for anyone.

With monastic anti-materialism, I left Colin's gift unopened, in my spirit of Xmas, expecting it to be nothing more than a blank diary or notebook. (Come to think of it, I really think I feel monastic spirituality!)

So while chatting with Richard this evening, he was just telling me about a hilarious book that chronicles jobs from hell. After I hung up, I opened my little gift from Colin, and with delighted surprise, found that he had got me "The Idler book of Crapjobs - 100 Tales of Workplace Hell". The very book that Richard was speaking of! What and extremely thoughtful and apt choice. The book is a joy to browse, for me, after career-change hell that I'm still pulling out of.

Back to having fun, and off the Blogger....

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