Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silent Disco - Spite the DJs and the Dance Music Fashionistas

Am I getting old or what? 3 years after this started, I finally hear (in the silent lifescape) about it.


- It saves lots of electricity.
- It doesn't blast the neighbours.


- You can't feel the lower frequencies, either through your feet, your chest, and other parts of your body
- You can't hear the music through the audio transmission through the skull, since everything goes through the ears.

The derision I have for this now, will probably mean that I will be trying it out and enjoying it very soon. Such is the planet of What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Mind you, these young people have no imagination in dance exhibitionism. A truly unique and rebellious form of dancing is one that I have never seen or heard mentioned before, but which I have practiced occasionally:

You dance to whatever music your body and mind feels like, even if it clashes horribly with the rhythm or melody of the music being played. Spite the DJ, and the Dance Music Fashionista!

These young people know nothing about being individual human beings. They are lambs in sheep's clothing with headphones on. That way, they can't hear the wolves when they are about to attack.

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