Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Found A Poem Written Long Ago.

The copyright for this belongs to me, the owner of this blog, as it is Original Material. I came across it today, having completely forgotten that I had written it, probably around 1998-1999. It represents a past that is so forgotten, so distant, and most of all so irrelevant today, that it is interesting for that reason alone.

I am not a piece of glass
Another for your collection
But I am a dark wall
Like some of those within you.

You would smash out a hole
brick by brick
Until you could see right through me
You would widen my whole
kick by kick
Until I become your window.

Then you will take your pane,
Fit it to me and fill me with it,
So I keep out the cold and rain,
While still our daze is brightly lit.

You may choose to break me from time to time
But only if you stand by your shattered window
To feel the sky's breath fling its tears
Against your skin and soul,
And then to find a new pane
to fit me and fill me with.

Our loving will be this

Powerful stuff, the feelings of which are today extinct and cremated, not just buried. I think I remember why I was moved to write it, and I pity the person that I once was.

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