Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matthew Greenburgh Adviser to RBS Takeover of AMRO

Gosh, why is Matthew Greenburgh allowed to live free? Why is he not imprisoned and all his financial assets confiscated, for helping to put this country into hundreds of billions of pounds into debt?

There are probably a hundred people, including Gordon Brown, Mervyn King, Fred Goodwin, James Crosby and John Tiner (of the FSA) who are responsible for the economic disasters of the Noughties that made a national debt that will take ten years to repay.

What is the point of morality, if for every six hundred thousand people, the care and consideration of 599,999 people can be undone by one?

It could be worse, of course, but moralists cannot claim the high ground, when the morality they preach sustains the Global Human Economic Machine on such a scale that it takes ever fewer individuals to jeopardize the entire System.

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