Saturday, April 24, 2010

Building Roads Evan Davies Today RAC Productive Driving.

Why not build more roads?, Evan said. Terrifying, and it probably will happen. Because it was a lobbying cry from the RAC. The RAC will do anything to give itself more business, but that can be said about any business from heroin dealing to flogging Mars bars.

BBC Radio 4.

Yet it is still terrifying. Once we were afraid of wars, nuclear holocausts, enviromental catastrophe, but now we are most afraid of shit economists. Evan Davies is unfortunately a shit economist, because of his generation. He mentioned on the Today programme something like we drive 100% more, yet have only built 20% more roads in the past X years. You would think that an economist would ask the question, why are we driving 100% more, and is all this driving productive? Would that the next time he drowns his sorrows in some gay club, that somebody should slap some intelligence into him, but that isn't going to happen, is it? The blind will sooner lead the blind.

What is non-productive driving?

People who are driving miles and miles who don't increase theirs or anybody else's happiness. There are loads of these people. Driving is like doing heroin, crack cocaine, and stuffing yourself with junk food.

This article on Today, on the same day that Open Country had Helen Marks doing a truthful episode in West Dorset chronicling a musician and a farmer who were expressing the death of rural life in Britain! Killed because homes and houses in rural areas are hardly ever occupied, because they are second homes, or owned by wealthy people who are away on holiday, and even when they are at home, they DRIVE FAR AWAY to TESCO to do their shopping, so that there is no local shopping or local rural economy. Gone are the smallholdings, and local businesses.

This is the economics of Today. The people in the BBC live in London, or the hipper parts of Britain, and are full of denialists who can't even travel from their own Radio Programme to their neighbours. Yet they completely expect to jump on a plane, or a train, or into a car, and be as far away from where they work within 12 hours. In so doing, they have turned the whole world into a boring but dangerous place, full of McDonalds, and Pizza Hut and Starbucks and Tesco and Asda. Why dangerous? Because what happens when you take heroin away from a junkie?

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