Friday, June 10, 2011

Luddites to the Rescue Against the Global Human Economic Machine

The BBC has a new documentary series, written and directed by Adam Curtis, called All watched over By Machines of Loving Grace/

This series is so brilliant, I feel sorry for people in the USA or anywhere else, whom haven't got to see it yet.

I was so amazed by the first film. The second film has made me realize that I am not the only person in the world protesting against the Global Human Economic Machine, and I am not the only Luddite.

Indeed, David Mitchell, the comedian, is making positive light of Luddite values, which considering that only 5 years ago, Luddites were scorned and laughed out of any discussion, is sensational.

I detect that the world is catching up with reality at last.I suspect that the Global Human Economic Machine will be broken up and sold for scrap metal. What will take its place? It is tempting to think that it would be just Local Human Economic Systems, but this cannot be the absolute case. More likely, various competing Local systems of various sizes will overlap and unpredictably grow and shrink depending on all sorts of factors. In the sense that they will overlap and depend on each other for some of their needs, there will still be a Global Human Economy, but it will be not one machine as it has become - it will be multi-cellular.

What a horrible year

It seems like it's been such a horrible year, but on reflection, other years have been more truly horrible. Perhaps it seems so horrible because it was intended to be a good year, a much needed good year after so many not-so-good years. Instead of being good, it has been disappointing, with no pleasant surprises.

The weather. I am quite sick of people who think they have to tell you that the weather is not the climate. Whatever. After the coldest winter in over 30 years, (and believe me it was one of the earliest as well), the seasons skipped spring, so that March and April were the hottest and driest in Southern Britain on records. In Eastern England, the hot and dry weather continued all May, so that today they have finally officially announced a drought.

What is the point of living in a northern climate, one that is wet and dark and grey at the least all winter, to arrive into a year without SPRING? There have been a very precious few hours on the few occasional days where it felt like Spring in Britain. The birds and the bees and the bugs all seem to be struggling on, but have not displayed their usual order of appearance or abundance. Nor the weeds or the plant diseases.

Never mind that. It is nearly Mid-Summer, and I feel like I have been cheated of a whole year, because I have been denied a proper Spring. So my own cycle means nothing any more, and not surprisingly, the stinking cold I caught almost two weeks ago confirmed my misery.

All I would like is to have some happy time. The country has been so depressing - if anything, the so-called lefties and socialists have made things worse because of their inability to survive without the ghastly Labour governments that this country has. They seem to forget that the values of life that make them socialist depend on making joy, not misery, and sending jolts of love throughout all the life that they encounter. Because values do not need political parties, there are today Conservatives whom are better socialists than the Labour supporters whom moan and protest their lot.

See the irony in this? Here I am moaning and protesting at my lot, but I am not blaming the Government - I am blaming the people whom are blaming the government. That's too complicated for most people. I could be blaming the current Government, but they still haven't yet earned stern judgement... the last Government still hasn't paid for all the pain that they caused, in the name of staying in power. I still want to vomit at the thought of that horrible ex Prime Minister in the last Government. Not that the Labour Party has yet got a leader that will excuse all its previous sins.

Just think, if you were playing nations like puppets on strings, how important it would have been to have someone as stupid as Gordon Brown running the finances of Britain all those years, and what could have been better to cap it off than to have him as Prime Minister when it was time to change the rules of the game?

It's pointless being clever unless you can gain from it. The majority of people are stupid, and sadly I have placed my bets on them, so my misery is theirs. I only wish moral peace were sufficient consolation for a miserable year.