Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Global Overheating in Los Angeles

The ghastly people of Los Angeles already have all their air conditioners running on full blast, and it's only the end of April! It's a new record, and yes, the planet is still overheating, even if it isn't obvious to people in Western Europe, who have had a delayed spring because of the tail-end of the La Nina (the cold backlash that comes after an El Nino).

Air conditioning is one of the most wasteful of all consumer extravagances, and I simply deplore the entire population of Los Angeles for their disgraceful new April Electricity Record. If they can't stand the heat, they should get out of the kitchen, and stop eating themselves into their Obesity Carriers, also known as SUVs.

Lard Arses. Selfish, self-obsessed lard arses who don't give a damn for anybody else. Los Angeles is the Sodom and Gomorrah of the 20th Century, so why should I be surprised?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BNP Mayoral Candidate and his Ballerina Girlfriend mother of Mixed Race child

Critics say her views are extraordinary given that her daughter is of mixed British, Cuban and Chinese descent. Her relationship with her former partner, fellow English National Ballet star Yat-Sen Chang, broke up in April

Golly gosh, all the juicy news you've ever missed, and all because one does not read tabloids, yet one has been bored to tears so often by the BBC/Guardian/Independent/Times/Daily Telegraph media bloc.

And updated in today's Daily Mail, one reads that Richard Barnbrook

studied at the Royal College of Art before falling into the company of Derek Jarman, the award-winning gay film-maker who was later to succumb to Aids

No surprises there. All the pieces of the puzzle are now in place. The Planet, and its many forms of Love, are more colourful even than Brian Paddick's underwear.

Mervyn King, the Piggy Banker of England

I cannot stand any more of Mervyn King. Is he an idiot, or just a piggy-faced day-dreamer?

He seems to have not the slightest clue that as Governor of the Bank of England, his role was to avert the problems we have been building up for the last few years. Instead every comment he has made since last August has been of the "I told you so" variety.

Oh yes, he told them so. So very softly, while pigging out on endless Mars Bars!

His job was NOT to stand by and watch and study the sinking ship of the British Economy these past few years. His job was to maintain, upgrade, re-build and steer the ship. Does he seem to understand this yet? NO.

He is still the Governor of the Bank of England. It can only mean that he has been planted in that position by very wealthy people who need to have a fool in his position to maintain their status quo.

Hardly the sort of appointment one would expect a Labour Party to allow. We might as well all give up and vote for the BNP! Nothing else seems to put any sense into the people who are supposed to be in power.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Loretta Napoleoni - Rogue Economics: Capitalism's New Reality

Loretta Napoleoni explains it here.

Our world is full of fantasies and illusions: the kingdom of the rogue economy is a feral force endemic to society.

Almost every product we consume has its own secret story. The most dangerous conduit of rogue economy is the global market because it allows rogue products to contaminate traditional economies and turns all of us consumers into its unconscious business partners.

We the consumers know very little about these economic interdependencies, we ignore the dark secrets of what we consume because we are trapped in the market matrix, the complex network of illusions and commercial fantasies which reshape our world.

As in the cult movie ‘Matrix’, consumers have no idea of reality and they think the global village they inhabit is an idyllic world. Both, consumers and citizens are caught in a dream. ‘Have you ever dreamed a dream so realistic that it seemed true than reality? What if you are not going to wake up? How could you make the difference between the reality and your dream? Says Morpheus in ‘Matrix’. That dream is our gilded prison.

To go back to reality we have to exit the market matrix and look at the world from its boundaries, with the eyes of victims: the slaves, the destitute, the population of many developing countries upon which globalization outlaws are building the landmarks of rogue economics.

How fitting to my previous blog post. As if I haven't been thinking along these lines for the last few years, but at last here's somebody, an economist, saying exactly what my mind has been slowly fermenting in isolation. And her reference to the analogy of The Matrix makes it clear that she connects popular science fiction with Real Life Economics.

That's intellectual affirmation of some sort. So why is it that simple facts that are obvious to people like myself, and to people like her, almost never get explained in mainstream journalism?

Clearly, mainstream journalism is a fundamental component in the structure of the Market Matrix.

Triad Gang Murder in London

Apparently this was a triad gang killing, and it was bloody and nasty. Also see the BBC piece.

In over-globalized London, misery from all over the planet arrives and feeds on the profits of drug-dealing, money-laundering, extortion, you-name-it.

And they exist because above them are ever larger layers of over-specialized economic citizens who are so removed from Nature, the Planet, and Love, that they in one way or another are decadent, selfish, greedy, paranoid etcetera.

Institutions deal with it speedily, and the rest of the world goes on its merry way, living in its Matrix of Illusions and Delusions. Which reminds me of a superb Italian economist who had her book reviewed on the BBC World Service last night, see next post about Rogue Economics.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Globalization, Globalisation, and the Pope

I was astonished to hear this clip on the BBC yesterday morning, from one of the Pope's New York speeches, and it took a while to find it here on Vatican Radio.

Globalization has humanity poised between two poles. On the one hand, there is a growing sense of interconnectedness and interdependency between peoples even when – geographically and culturally speaking – they are far apart. This new situation offers the potential for enhancing a sense of global solidarity and shared responsibility for the well-being of mankind. On the other hand, we cannot deny that the rapid changes occurring in our world also present some disturbing signs of fragmentation and a retreat into individualism. The expanding use of electronic communications has in some cases paradoxically resulted in greater isolation. Many people – including the young – are seeking therefore more authentic forms of community. Also of grave concern is the spread of a secularist ideology that undermines or even rejects transcendent truth. The very possibility of divine revelation, and therefore of Christian faith, is often placed into question by cultural trends widely present in academia, the mass media and public debate.

When you think about it, without a doubt the Catholic Church is probably one of the first and the original of all Globalist Institutions. Therefore although it is heartening to hear anything intelligent said at all, it is rather disappointing to hear only that
"we cannot deny that the rapid changes occurring in our world also present some disturbing signs of fragmentation and a retreat into individualism"

So here we have the Pope, saying that the Catholic Church regards the biggest threat from Globalisation to be the threat to its power.

I would like to teach the Catholic Church to Love the Planet. They need to learn.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chinese boycotting French Goods

The interesting bit is that Carrefour has got 100 hypermarkets in China. Is it obvious yet that globalization is a disease that covers the face of the Earth?

Will the bourgeois wealthy in Beijing and Shanghai join the boycott? I can't imagine how the Chinese will live without brandy. They might have to go back to rice wine. As for the working class? They'll just have to give up booze, because rice prices are at record levels.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Green Party in the London Elections

Following on from the absence of economic policy in the London mayoral elections here we have Sian Berry in the New Statesman. Well, it's a shame that she's playing up slightly to her hair colour, because in this non-sexist, non-racist, non-denominational, non-bigoted 2008 version of Babylon 5 called London, I had hoped for a piercing, raging, unassailable, thunderbolt of a political campaign from the Greens this year.

Oh well, too much lettuce, I guess.

Never mind, when everything becomes extinct, there will so much less chance of being reincarnated as something creepy crawly.

Clouds and the Noise of Roads, Cars and Aeroplanes

On cloudy days, the noise from roads gets reflected back to the ground, and so the noise of cars banging away down a road is louder for everyone around.

It's absolutely horrible. The people in their super-insulated BMWs and Toyotas think that life is wonderful, but the noise that they're making is drowning out the chance of any conversation. No wonder everyone has to block it out by wearing Ipods in their ears, and by staying inside double-glazed homes and blogging instead of getting outside.

It is plain nasty, all the traffic noise, aeroplane noise and motorised traffic noise. This noise will not go away even if all those wonderful men and women all drove electric cars that are powered by hydrogen fuel-cells, because most road noise comes from air turbulence and tires belting down a surface. There is NO way to greenwash the noise from Car and Aeroplane traffic, because it has nothing to do with Climate Change.

But it is Environmental Pollution that is killing the Quality of Life for all the people, for they are forced to become caged men and women instead of being free as they were born to be, outdoors in the open air.

Food biodiversity in our Topsy Turvy Spring

So last year was a La Nina year, following the record hot and dry El Nino in the previous year. What's a year and when does it begin and end? This spring has been weird. On Valentine's day, everything was bursting into spring bud and flower, bees were buzzing about, and flies were breeding. And since then we have had the coldest 2 months of the whole winter. (What's going on? Who cares why and what does it matter if we can't fix it? Yes, climate change and global warming have fallen out of fashion as ever as soon as the cold set in. No, we aren't going to fix it, and it looks like most of humanity will carry on making it worse..)

Now the trees are starting to come into leaf. What is so strange is that although Hawthorn was flowering in February, the subsequent cold put a hold on many other trees. I see that hornbeam is now coming out - they like clay, so the cold and wet feet that they have from this weather doesn't slow them down. Other trees (beech or sycamore?) have swollen buds but haven't opened yet. The ash has started flowering, and oaks in some places are coming out. Wild Crab Apple went into furious blossom in early March, but since has stalled and has yet got no leaves. Plums are flowering gradually, different parts coming into blossom over the past 3 weeks.

All the naturalized daffodils and hyacinths have finished, even though few of them got fertilized because there were few days worthy of insect pollinators. But now all the other later spring flowering bulbs, tulips, grape hyacinths etc are in full bloom. Though the bluebells will not be out for another two weeks.

It's all so mixed, so confused, and so gradual and sporadic and scattered all over time and space. There are a multitude of different trees and plants that deal with the climate differently, and we can see that in action. We are living in a mixed climate, where different aspects of biodiversity are all minding their own business in the endless competition for survival.

How could any GM seed designer ever design crop seeds to cope for such variation? They couldn't. It is pointless for intelligent people to speak of biodiversity or food security, without their being able to speak of food biosecurity. We need people all over the world to grow as diverse a range of crops as possible, not just a few strains of high yielding seeds designed, marketed and distributed by a Monsanto type of company. Is this not obvious to people? Should it not be most obvious to all scientists, or are there too many scientists whom are so specialized that they cannot see the wood for the trees, even when the trees haven't come into leaf yet?

Meanwhile, in Today's news, the Pope is visiting Zimbabwe, making apologies for the shameful boatload of Child Abuse victims sitting in Durban port. The President of Iceland, Jonathan Sachs, has asked Zimbabwe's neighbouring countries, namely Israel, Peru and Australia to obstruct the shipment of these arms and legs over the territories. But tomorrow is a famous Jewish festival that revolves around children, and Robert Mugabe has pointed out that

Civilizations that worship lifeless things eventually become lifeless.

Hence, I scorn this blog, this lifeless blog, and its computer, its electricity, its inanimate lifeless copper and fibreoptic veins that connect to other millions of silicon-hearts all pulsing with holes and electrons across their own millions of semiconductor barriers.

For the Planet has no more Love to give away. Love will never be the same again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The absence of Economic Policy in the London Mayoral and Local Elections

Given that the people of Britain spend so much time telling other people how to run a democracy, it is worthwhile examining this upcoming election.

Aside from trite and pedestrian promises, and despite being in the throes of the biggest manifestation of flawed Globalist Economics, the Credit Crunch, none of the campaigning has thrown up any discussion of Free-market Globalism or Planetary Environmental Economics.

The fact is that London lives off the fat of the planet, and has hedged all its bets on being the financial heart of a Globalist Economic system.

Yet here we have an election for a mayor, and none of the candidates are intelligent enough to speak out about whether this vision for London will be a deliberate conscious policy, or whether they will just blunder on with what is there already.

Have intelligent people all become extinct even before all the species in the Amazonian rainforest?

An attack on the Unscience of Common Economics

Thank goodness for Scientific American!

Here on Love and the Planet, I have been disgusted for some time with the basis of the modern common philosophies of Economics that have been driving human development. Indeed, a search for "economics" on this blog is a rather awesome reminder of the history of my disgust, e.g. 1
and 2

(Personally, I hate to read my old postings, because as a blogger, there is nothing worse than being reminded how awful things were, and how little they've changed).

So here is Scientific American, finally attacking some of the unscience of Economics. I think they were being a bit reserved and rather too kind, but then, being scientific, they have to separate their opinion from their evidence.

And of course, there are very few indications I have come across that Economics are becoming Planetary in the right direction, aside from 3 I do not accept that Carbon Trading is sufficient; it has no consideration of the value of any of the species of life on the planet, let alone of the value of Intact Interconnected Ecosystems. Carbon Trading merely addresses only one very small facet of managing Human Development on this Planet.

Construction Firms and The Office of Fair Trading

Curious, it seems, that despite all the attempts to distract the democratic population with spurious, it seems, causes and issues, that here we have an instance where The Office of Fair Trading has steadfastly been doing its job and has something to show for it today.

All that construction, and human development, all at ultimate cost to the public purse, facilitated with easy Global Finance when money was slushing about cheaply. All done without one of the major features of a free market.

I think Adam Smith must have been a marvellous conjurer of Man's Wants

Men's paws shod with old blinkers

In that land, at that time, there was a wealthy merchant. Having been born to simple folk, the several wives and several businesses he had acquired over years of ruthless smiling gave him the status he needed to feel like a big man.

Nonetheless, at moments, such as in the stillness of the dawn light, he harked back to his youth, and searched for the feelings that he knew he once felt.

For he was older now, than his father was, when he turned his back on his father's simple ways, and ventured into the wider world in the certainty of wit-gotten wealth.

Who would have warned him that the wives would one day inspire so little? Amongst his peers there was endless ribaldry and chatter of ageless virility that could be fortified by merry drink, powdered animal parts, and little pills bought from an internet doctor. He played along in the banter, knowing since he was a child that if you were all together in the same boat, you must cheer each other along until you reach safe shores.

The women, he knew, spoke openly about their own changes. He thought about how it must be, to be they. When in their prime, they could either bring men to their knees, or they produced men from between their knees. Then slowly the decline began, and accelerated, until one day undeniably, the regularity of the workings of their womb stopped.

Surely, he thought, men are not the same?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What the World Needs Now

Humanity's need for fashion
in every aspect of its culture,
from Politics to Toilet paper,
Wearies me
From Head to Tail.
There are just too many people,
And they have evolved
with humanists
and religions
and science
and technology,
so there will always be too many people.
There is no wilderness left,
real or virtual,
to give any more escape
to all the living things that need it.
This vacuum that is the blogosphere
has less life
than a square foot of rainforest soil,
than a cubic foot of coral sea.
It is all bland

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Biofools Day

Today is a sad day for the UK, for the Fools that run this Government still have allowed the RTFO to come into effect today, despites the fact that they know the world has a food shortage, and that biofuel crops have been carved out of virgin natural habitats.

Most of all, today is the ultimate Own Goal for the Green Movement, because the Monbiot ilk which pressed so hard for this type of sustainability, have been unable to halt what they set in motion.

The Green Movement of the Monbiot Wing have been obsessed with halting Climate Change. This obsession has been at the expense of protecting diminishing and precious Natural Habitats, which are suffering encroachment by the inexorable juggernaut of Human Development, regardless of Climate Change.

At no point in the history of this Green Nonsense did anybody ever suggest that people should give up their cars, give their roads, and walk, cycle, or ride a horse instead of switching to biofuels. No, for Man still Loves Cars, even though Cars are growing old and ugly. Cars are making the Planet, and all its creatures and living things great and small, extinct. Man is the worst lover that this Planet has ever had. It is time for the Planet to Dump Him.

The Planet must dump Man.
Yes, dump. Not re-use, or recycle. Dump Man.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Waiting for Ageism to die Out in the Old World

You might as well wait for God. The only Ism that will not grow old and die. In the New World, the battle against ageism is decades ahead of that in the Old World.

In Britain, the youth have always been favoured in employment, because:

- they are more likely to be physically fit (biological ageism)
- they are innocent and ignorant and no threat to their seniors (Machiavellian Ageism)
- they excite the hormones of those whom have not yet had their fill of youth. (sexist ageism)

But Free Tibet. Free Palestine. Free NHS Treatment Forever.

And most importantly,

Buy One Get One Free. Because even those who are all hearts and no brains can count up to one.

A Few of the Old own the World,
and they use Many of the Young
to keep them in the Lifestyles
to Which They are Accustomed.
Free The Economy of Machiavellian Ageism.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Economics of Sport and the Olympics

Humans and animals have to eat. After they have eaten, they have time and energy. This is either spent on getting the next meal, or if that is an easy bet, it becomes spare time and energy.

Sport is an example of an entertainment that spends spare time and energy. It is a luxury of large organised human groupings. In our modern globalized technologized energy-dependent economic world, there is a lot of spare time and energy in its 6 Billion Human Population.

Sport itself has further specialized. It is now normal that for every one person performing at Sport, over 10000 people are only watching, either in a stadium or on Television. The Olympics are the pinnacle of Globalized Sport Economics. All this time and energy is wasted, instead of being spent on getting the next meal. This time and energy is spare only because of fossil-fueled industrialized agriculture. The work of only one wheat farmer using tractors, chemical fertilizers, GM seed and combine harvesters is enough to feed 10000 people.

Is this desirable? The basis of human economics is that it services human wants. What it does not recognize is that human wants move with fashion. Once it was hugely unfashionable to toil over soil. In substitute, lazing in the spectacle of modern sport has become the unthinking aspiration. Such an aspiration is merely fashion. Who says that Humanity should want this?

Has humanity revisited its reasons for its Wants, so that it can design Global Economics to include Flexibility, Redundancy and Regression? For example, Can Global Economics allow for the human want for some toil over the soil, and the Human Want for Natural Food grown as Part of a Natural Sustainable Ecosystem rich in Living things and Species Diversity?

Unfortunately, Global Economics does not yet answer this simple challenge. Those who ask these simple challenging questions have not even got a voice yet, and a blog like this might never get heard.

The Economics of the Olympics are too old-fashioned.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Totally Global, International, Planetary Olympic Sport

Loveandtheplanet is now bored beyond distraction of hearing about the Olympics, Tibet, human rights, and China, in an endless loop, stuck in a groove, on permanent replay. You get to a point in a media frenzy when you know that the media and its talking heads have ceased to collect and disseminate new facts, information, or history, and are no longer contributing to the intelligence of its audience, or to the development of solutions.

Everyone knows that the Olympics are not happening in a real place or space, or that the athletes are real human beings. It is fairly obvious if you look at your 40 inch Flat Screen TV that there is not enough space in your TV for full-size human beings to be running, jumping, swimming and behaving like Wild Homo Sapiens. So it must be even more obvious that the Olympics are going to be entirely computer-generated. This is a shame, because I rather prefer the Wild, only because there is nearly none of it left on the planet, and so wild Homo Sapiens are rather precious.

So in response to this year's Tibetan Olympics, held high in the Himalayan intermontane plateau, I propose a new event, which will henceforth be known as the Everests. After all, Mount Olympia is just a molehill.

The EVERESTS will be local. Everyone will participate, so long as they own a remote control.

Their preparation will require them to buy a plane ticket to fly to a foreign land, where they have few friends or family, or where their friends or family are living in an isolated ghetto that is living in its own little world that has nothing to do with that foreign land.

Then these competitors will be required to get a job and to do it. They must not think about what is the product or the purpose of their job, but they must work very hard at it, and earn lots of cash. At the end of the week, they must spend some of that cash to get drunk on cheap booze, so that they are ready to work again on Monday. They must not, under any circumstances, fall ill or get sick.

They must also spend as much of their cash on rent and food as is possible, but they must save up some of it to buy the latest 60 inch Disposable Television from their local supermarket. Oh, I forgot. First they must save up their cash to buy a big, big, big car. Then they can drive to the supermarket to buy their Disposable Television.

And now the competitors are all prepared for the Everests. They must use the remote control and clasp it in one hand while clutching a beer or a bag of crisps in the other hand. They will all be winners, except for one loser, for the last one to switch off the television will be the Loser.

P.S. Apologies to the Nepalese for stealing their mountain for the name of this new competition. Free Nepal. Free times over. Free Nepal. Free Nepal. Free Nepal. Save Nepal. Save Nepal. Save Nepal.

Next blog post will be, the Economics of the Olympics, also known as The Doctrine of Human Wants, also known as Me, Me, Me and my Plastic Card.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Singing singing Buttercups and Daisies

The English, just like so many people around the world, have lost their culture. And just to confirm it, trying to find this on Google took almost longer than going to a library!

Meanwhile, they have been assiduous at preserving the Bricks and Mortar of old buildings that sit stodgily and empty of the living people and culture that built them. The buildings of England are like pickled dead things in a Nazi scientist's laboratory. But you can sell that to a stupid tourist very easily, because there are always more tourists from America, Australia, India, China, Japan, etc., etc., And the tourists never read blogs like this. They are far too busy shopping.

Because indigenous cultural diversity in England has disappeared under the Juggernaut of Globalism, is it any surprise that the English are always desperate to fly away on holidays or to emigrate? It is no longer easy to get a thrill from just going to Strawberry Fair. No, nowadays you have to fly around the world to Kerala while complaining about the crowds on the roads, at the airports, and in the holiday resorts. So Ri-fol, Ri-fol.....

As I was going to Strawberry Fair,
Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies,
I met a maiden taking her wares, fol-de-dee.
Her eyes were blue and golden her hair,
As she went on to Strawberry Fair.

Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

"Kind sir, pray pick of my basket," she said;
Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies
"My cherries ripe or my roses red, fol-de-dee.
My strawberries sweet I can of them spare,
As I go on to Strawberry Fair."

Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

"Your cherries soon will be wasted away;"
Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies
"Your roses wither'd and never stay, fol-de-dee.
'Tis not to seek such perishing ware,
That I am tramping to Strawberry Fair."

Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

"I want to purchase a generous heart;"
Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies
"A tongue that neither is nimble nor tart, fol-de-dee
An honest mind, but such trifles are rare.
I doubt if they're found at Strawberry Fair."

Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

"The price I offer, my sweet pretty maid;"
Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies
"A ring of gold on your finger displayed, fol-de-dee,
So come, make over to me your ware
In church today at Strawberry Fair."

Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


To Love is:

- to Care for,
- to Protect
- to Nurture.

Most women do this to their children naturally and usually very well. This is why there are now over 6 billion humans on the planet.

To love the Planet is:

- to Care for the Planet,
- to Protect the Planet,
- to Nurture the Planet.

Most men cannot do this naturally. Nature has for most of Mankind's history, been seen as an enemy. By seeing it as an enemy, Mankind has fought to control and master Nature, and hence has evolved and multiplied at its expense.

Hence to love the Planet is uncommon, especially at this point in Man's history, when it has expanded so rapidly, so aggressively, on the strength of the urge to control and dominate Nature. For only when these common sort of men have exhausted Nature will they exhaust themselves. And only after they have exhausted themselves will the day come for those who can love the planet to take over. Except that there would be no planet left to love.

Hence it follows that those who love the planet, must control Man, before both are devastated.

This has happened before in history. The threat of Nuclear Holocaust was perhaps the best recent example.

The current threat is far more insidious.....