Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matthew Greenburgh Adviser to RBS Takeover of AMRO

Gosh, why is Matthew Greenburgh allowed to live free? Why is he not imprisoned and all his financial assets confiscated, for helping to put this country into hundreds of billions of pounds into debt?

There are probably a hundred people, including Gordon Brown, Mervyn King, Fred Goodwin, James Crosby and John Tiner (of the FSA) who are responsible for the economic disasters of the Noughties that made a national debt that will take ten years to repay.

What is the point of morality, if for every six hundred thousand people, the care and consideration of 599,999 people can be undone by one?

It could be worse, of course, but moralists cannot claim the high ground, when the morality they preach sustains the Global Human Economic Machine on such a scale that it takes ever fewer individuals to jeopardize the entire System.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The importance of Self-intelligence as opposed to General Intelligence

It has been cloudy and wet for two days now, and it has been no longer cold since Tuesday. Indeed, Wednesday was sunny and nearly too warm, and the first daffodil in my garden came into flower the day after.

I have been very tired. Tired of everything, and most of all very tired of London, as I have been for nearly a decade. I listen to BBC Radio 4, and listen for intelligence, but I hear very little that has anything to do with the world I am in here in this part of London. You can thus assume that nobody who works in the BBC or the media lives here. Why? Because they live in their ghetto world, and their jobs have become to maintain the ghettoes of the British Empire, an empire which fell over 70 years ago but which many people fantasize to be still existing through the BBC.

When I am out I see few British people, hear few British people, and even though it has been like this for the last decade, I still find it taxing, more so because it is never discussed. Even when people here speak English, they seem to lack the power of speech, expression and erudition. The whole difficulty is never discussed, because in the light of the dangers of inflammatory political racism, it has never been allowed to be publicly discussed, yet those of us who have to carry on have to carry on.

In these circumstances, self-intelligence, namely your intelligence about yourself and your dependence on your own (not other people's) intelligence, are essential survival traits. As I turned to my blog I read back on my posting from two weeks ago, and not surprisingly, it is the only intelligence that invigorates me.

Now that I have been reminded of the importance of a self-limiting sense of failure, I suspect that it is more important than the intelligence that I can glean from those people out there.

What are those people doing out there in London? They are eating, sleeping, and shitting, in the liberal democratic section of the Global Human Economic Machine, and they are busy playing at religion and having families. You would think the human race were in danger of de-population, the way these people are busying themselves with bringing their children into this overcrowded world that doesn't even have many fish left in the sea.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luddites Arise - Robots and Computers replace People in the Global Human Economic Machine

Avtar Rahl, 58, is the human face of those statistics.
He had been working in electronics for 32 years when he was made redundant over a year ago. He was referred to the job club by Jobcentre Plus.

"Over the last few years I watched the staff numbers on the shop floor dwindle from over 100 to a handful as the firm became fully automated," he says.

Automation and Computers have been replacing people progressively in all areas of the economy.

Yet the thick-as-shit liberals and day-dreaming socialists have carried on regardless, without any thought about where it will all end up. Probably because theirs are the only jobs that have not been replaced by computers and automation.

It is time to replace the social workers, the menopausal salarywomen, the tenured humanitarian workers, the judges etc, with computers and automation. Let them see how much they like it, and when they've experienced the pain, they will understand that to be Luddite is essential and intelligent, whereas to be Progressive is ignorant and blundering. If the Global Human Economic Machine were a car, then the Luddite knows he must control the car or dump it and walk. Whereas the Progressive races onward, carelessly believing that there is no cliff or crash ahead.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Failure, Success, the Esteem of Self and Others

Reference : Self-Destructiveness as an Intended Feature of Liberalism

I am no good
They are all better
I am the best
They are all rubbish
Am, is, are
A Failure
A Success
A Winner,
A Loser.

They are winners,
So then must I be.
They are losers
So then must I be.

What is Failure or Success and how is it estimated in the Self and Others?

It is obvious that an individual prefers the self-esteem of success to the feeling of being a failure. Yet the design of a liberal civilization, as mentioned back in August 2008, depends on individuals self-estimating as failures and engaging in self-destruction or withdrawal from the Global Human Economic Machine. This is necessarily true by definition of liberalism, since individuals are free to continue without removal by their peers.

True liberalism does not, has never, and can never exist in any civilization, but its aspirations, such as Benign liberalism, do exist, and have transpired to produce some people, myself included, who are prone to self-estimate as failures. How? Because self-estimation as failure allows the machine of civilization to replace the failing individual's function, hence ensuring that the machine of civilization keeps running, while benign liberalism protects the failing individual (rather than discarding it), so allowing the failing individual to fulfil its reproductive cycle or be re-used in some other part of the machine.

This is all very well from the point of view from the machine, but what of the individual? Benign liberalism is a vague intention, with no guidebook, no cookbook, and barely anybody bothering to discuss it in this detail.

The failing individual, in order to be most useful, has of course to have opportunities for re-use in other parts of the Economic Machine. Just as importantly, the failing individual has to have limits of self-estimation of failure.

What is the use of a self-esteem of failure once you have been replaced and your failure does not jeopardize the rest of civilization's machine? For example, there is no use to "retired" people feeling like failures. By feeling neutral, they might even embark eventually on useful endeavours.

The self-esteem of Failure, after it is no longer needed, must be dampened by limits, which in a liberal civilization must be self-limiting.

Self-limiting self-estimations of Failure are corresponded with self-limiting self-estimations of Success.

I am a Success.
Use Me.
I am used
I am no longer either a Success or a Failure.
I continue to be used while knowing that I am free to fail.

I am a Failure
Replace Me
I am replaced.
I am no longer used
I am no longer either a Success or a Failure.
I am Free to Move On.

Success or failure in self-estimation relative to others is made in two ways -
the Transference of Success or Failure between the Self and the Others, and the Opposition of Success or Failure between the Self and the Others. For example, suppose there are two teams, Team A and Team B. I am on Team A, then Team A's Success or Failure transfers to me. Team B's Success or Failure does not transfer to Team A , but is opposed to Team A and its members.

These fundamental perceptions by our evolution in tribes (A We versus They Success/Failure estimation) does not meld well in a single Globalized civilization.
Why can't the Globalists understand this, or do they deliberately ignore and dupe us into accepting silly tribal substitutes like Global Football (Soccer) Teams to entertain our evolutionary nature?

I think some Globalists might not know what they do not understand, for they are missing this evolutionary inherent nature of tribalism that exists in most of us.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Global Indians

OH my goodness, have you ever heard so much patting on the back, and "Aren't We Wonderful?". The terrifying reality that India has been taken over by people who want to be like US Americans comes home. You can see that Bollywood hasn't just imitated Hollywood, but soon there will be imitations of the Oscars, and everything else.

What I discern is that the people who have been successful, and have money, no longer are content with the status that money will buy, but want the status that comes intrinsically with class divides. And having gotten to the levels of Global Control that they have, they are going to want a Global Caste System. After all, India, with its traditional caste system was a very stratified class society before the British got there, and it had no history of social equality.

Around London you will see very many Indian people, who like so many other people from around the world in London, are struggling, and despite being talented, might never gain in their lifetimes the type of success paraded and flaunted around in this self-indulgent broadcast.

The desperate demands for social status and social recognition from various ex-colonies and Emerging Economic Powers in the world is going to be a feature for decades to come. We have had "Japan!", we have been getting "China!" and we are getting developing flourishes of "India!".

What a terrifying world we live in. Once upon a time all you had to worry about was a Cold War between the West and the East. Now it's so much more complicated.

That's it, I'm not going to worry any more. Just dumped this worry on my blog.