Friday, January 25, 2008

Contemplation of Hermitage

Is hermitage good or bad?

Has the individual become a hermit through choice, or not? Is it good for the hermit, or good for the Group, or not?

Man is a Social Animal.
So shall Animals be as Man..

In Nature, what there was once of it, the lone wolf was cast out by the pack.

What combination of individual choice or external circumstance caused a wolf to become lone?

The casting out depends on the season as well as on the explicit inavailability of food. The alpha male will drive out other males whom: threaten his mating rights; will not grovel; or do not contribute adequately to the pack's hunt. The alpha female will drive out other females whom: have lost the attention of the alpha male; do not contribute adequately to the raising of the offspring or to the hunt.

There will be others whom will become lone voluntarily even though it appears that there is no apparent pressure for them to be cast out.

Given that there are Hermits, and there are Lone Wolves, and that some are Outcast, and some are Voluntary:

in Man, the Voluntary Hermit will be the individual who either:
- foresees and preempts the eventuality of the casting out
- through randomly inherent difference, seeks his chances separate from the group.

Is the Outcast Hermit lesser?

What are the evolutionary opportunities for the different options?

The voluntary hermit will have the advantage of seeking new territories while there is still adequate food locally and while there is no competition from the later hermits. The voluntary hermit has the disadvantage of enduring risk that might never have become forced upon him.

The outcast hermit has the advantage of having nothing left to lose, but at a time when there might be nothing else left to gain.


Can the voluntary hermit rejoin the Group at some future time? Yes, if conditions are suitable for him to rejoin. If the conditions are not suitable, then these are likely, but not certain, to be the conditions where he would have become an outcast in any case.


The condition of hermitage is sometimes voluntary, sometimes not.

Where it is voluntary, there is at least the option of checking if the Social Group is more beneficial.

Where it is involuntary, hermitage is a challenge, which might as well be seized as an opportunity.

That's Life, in a snail shell.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Globalists: World Economic Forum

So this is in the news today.

The ultimate collection of Globalists. People who want to set policies that affect the whole planet.

And organised by people in Geneva. And you thought the Swiss just kept time and sold substitutes for sex?

They also sell a value system (the sort that buffered Einstein), and lots of tourism. Environmentally damaging international tourism, from Weekend ski trips to Long-haul World Seminars.

Why do the Swiss let this happen? From their lofty position high in the leafy melting Alpine mountains, maybe they think they can look down at the world more successfully than everybody else? Or maybe the Swiss spend so much time brokering between divergent cultures that they are the quintessential globalists and peace seekers.

The Alps have a good ski season this winter, global warming not withstanding, so there won't be much complaint heard from them about how their Globalism is destroying their local environment. But what is left of the Swiss local culture?

There is not a lot of local culture left in Switzerland. And they seem to do nothing to stop the damage, let alone begin to reverse it. Think Nestle. Do the Swiss drink milk squeezed the same morning from the dairy cow on their local farm. Of course not. And they can't remember how to do it, even if they wanted to. They have sold their souls and their culture and their land for an easy life, for World Peace, in a way that was directed by their World War 2 experience. They have been pushed this far by the experience of a war that finished 62 years ago. How long can you be pushed, before it becomes time for you to be pulled?

Is there a famous Swiss Luddite in history? Or is there still to be one?

Is it possible to have World Peace without all-pervasive and inexorable Social and Industrial Globalism?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rise up, Luddites versus the Borg, the Antz, the Matrix

Fuse the Borg, the Matrix, and populate it with the Antz, and if you have seen all those, you have a picture of the world you live in.

So why are Luddites so derided and ridiculed? Just because they were shown to be losers at their time? That did not mean that their time would never come. Or that they would never be needed.

Rise up, Luddites. Unless of course you're a Mennonite, which I think is ultra cool, in which case, go and beget.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Borg, the Antz, the Planet You Were Born in

Big World out there.. Big Planet. You think? Maybe not as big as it used to be.

A shrunken planet, called a global village. Now it becomes a global suburb.

What job do you do? One that is a tiny cog in a machine bigger than ever before in human history. You may live in a suburban house, drive a suburban car, and have a suburban wife, but your part is so small, and part of a huge juggernaut that marches over this globe, this planet this Earth.

Do you have a choice? Did you ever? You play your role because you are tied to the Borg-like system, like one of many Antz, even when you have asked the question, you gave up on finding an alternative. You are afraid of living without those things that are called Wealth. You have less choice today than your parents, or their parents before them. Maybe you live in a poor village that is not part of our Global Economic Borg. It will not be long. Even if you are in the darkest bowels of the Congo, you will be swallowed up soon. We have people whom think that they will rescue you from poverty, while all they have to offer is another version of slavery, after all these centuries. These fools are born too quickly too be stopped. Quickly, teach them what is the meaning of their baubles and gaudy frippery, this wealth that they are beholden to.

Once the Global Economists measured Wealth in Televisions. Once they measured it in cars. Now everyone has a television, and all the fools also have cars, and they cannot live without them. If Wealth is something that you cannot live without, then the great container ships of commerce should be laden heavily with Heroin.

All Wealth is not something to be shied from just because it is Good to do so. Wealth has to be defined, and prioritized. Understand what wealth it is that you really need, what are those most important things to you, and shy from the rest. Help others to understand what is truly of value, and they will be wealthy simply from this knowledge.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Passion in Poetry

Passion only comes through in certain ways. You may have the same or even greater passions than Amy Winehouse, but if you haven't got the diaphragm and vocal cords to express it, who is going to know.

So then there is so called poetry, such as:

Better to Die In Rapture
Than to Lie and Rot Away
You will be My Coffin
And I will be Your Grave
Take My Lips, Suck In My Soul
You're the Half that Makes Me Whole.

I am delighted to say that I wrote it a long time ago, and I have no time for it now. Hence it is being published. It is copyright to me, me, me.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories

And Stop Those Who Do Otherwise.

Arrest Them.

Lock Them Up.

Re-educate Them, Or Brainwash Them, Or Get them addicted to something that is only Self-Destructive, for example, computer games, or blogging?