Sunday, March 16, 2008

Extinction is not okay

Extinction is a part of Evolution.

Ordinary people now say it. Ordinary people who once had the passion to care for all the living species on this planet.


Extinction is only as much a part of Evolution, as Death is a part of your Life. relative time.

So why are ordinary people now talking the walk of the Dead?

And is it good to let them stop caring?


So solve it.

Why did it hurt?
They cared once.
They cared so much that it hurt.
It hurt too much for them to care any more.
Someone talked them into facing ~death~,
But talked them out of Living.
Instead they walk like zombies in the global consumerist economy.
Talking the Death of the Planet,
Looking how to fit into the whirl of money,
And clutching the mantra of The Economist,
Entirely distracted by Climate Change.
The species?
They have forgotten that they should
at least
leave the Earth
as they found it,
so that a future child
can stare in wonder
At species in the Wild.

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