Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Down with Brown

I became wary of the Labour Government ever since Gordon Brown removed the Dividend Tax Credit from Pension holdings of equities.

When Stephen Byers and Railtrack happened, I blatantly distrusted the Labour Government financially.

The Iraq war came, and Tony Blair went, yet still the sun was shining out of Gordon Brown's arse.

You see, it has always been young and fashionable, to support socialist ideals.

But nobody stays young for long, and these days we spend more of our lives being old than being young.

Once upon a time we had to hate Thatcher because Thatcherism wasn't the young thing to do.

Now Margaret Thatcher is struggling with senile dementia, and Britain has been struggling with the results of 11 years of Gordon Brown.

Down with Gordon Brown.

I hate Labour and its pseudo-Socialism. Its people whom cannot count, nor care about money, nor know what constitutes real wealth. Its champagne socialists who hammed up the sham pain of archaic working class affiliations.

In a few years, when Gordon Brown is history, we can all look back at the clouds of lies and untruths that were sold to us under the banner of Socialism. Lies and untruths on a scale that was not achieved even under the banner of Thatcherism.

For the difference between Thatcher and Brown? You knew what Margaret Thatcher stood for because she did what it said on her tin, even if you didn't like the colour. Gordon Brown, on the other hand, is famous for not saying anything at all, like a Value Brand, No-name, generic tin. Today everybody knows that the stuff out of his tin has already faded, turned flaky, and is peeling away to leave behind nothing but a pile of rust.

It's okay to hate Gordon Brown. What shame is there in it? There's no need to be violent about it. Just feel it, and say what you feel. We're supposed to have free speech, after all...

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loveandtheplanet said...

How timely to see that kicking Brown has become the hit of the day. Danniel Hannan, a Conservative Member of the European Parliament, has a tirade that suddenly became a Viral hit on Youtube, and has gone Global via the Fox network.

Down with Brown.