Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Globalists: World Economic Forum

So this is in the news today.

The ultimate collection of Globalists. People who want to set policies that affect the whole planet.

And organised by people in Geneva. And you thought the Swiss just kept time and sold substitutes for sex?

They also sell a value system (the sort that buffered Einstein), and lots of tourism. Environmentally damaging international tourism, from Weekend ski trips to Long-haul World Seminars.

Why do the Swiss let this happen? From their lofty position high in the leafy melting Alpine mountains, maybe they think they can look down at the world more successfully than everybody else? Or maybe the Swiss spend so much time brokering between divergent cultures that they are the quintessential globalists and peace seekers.

The Alps have a good ski season this winter, global warming not withstanding, so there won't be much complaint heard from them about how their Globalism is destroying their local environment. But what is left of the Swiss local culture?

There is not a lot of local culture left in Switzerland. And they seem to do nothing to stop the damage, let alone begin to reverse it. Think Nestle. Do the Swiss drink milk squeezed the same morning from the dairy cow on their local farm. Of course not. And they can't remember how to do it, even if they wanted to. They have sold their souls and their culture and their land for an easy life, for World Peace, in a way that was directed by their World War 2 experience. They have been pushed this far by the experience of a war that finished 62 years ago. How long can you be pushed, before it becomes time for you to be pulled?

Is there a famous Swiss Luddite in history? Or is there still to be one?

Is it possible to have World Peace without all-pervasive and inexorable Social and Industrial Globalism?

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