Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Borg, the Antz, the Planet You Were Born in

Big World out there.. Big Planet. You think? Maybe not as big as it used to be.

A shrunken planet, called a global village. Now it becomes a global suburb.

What job do you do? One that is a tiny cog in a machine bigger than ever before in human history. You may live in a suburban house, drive a suburban car, and have a suburban wife, but your part is so small, and part of a huge juggernaut that marches over this globe, this planet this Earth.

Do you have a choice? Did you ever? You play your role because you are tied to the Borg-like system, like one of many Antz, even when you have asked the question, you gave up on finding an alternative. You are afraid of living without those things that are called Wealth. You have less choice today than your parents, or their parents before them. Maybe you live in a poor village that is not part of our Global Economic Borg. It will not be long. Even if you are in the darkest bowels of the Congo, you will be swallowed up soon. We have people whom think that they will rescue you from poverty, while all they have to offer is another version of slavery, after all these centuries. These fools are born too quickly too be stopped. Quickly, teach them what is the meaning of their baubles and gaudy frippery, this wealth that they are beholden to.

Once the Global Economists measured Wealth in Televisions. Once they measured it in cars. Now everyone has a television, and all the fools also have cars, and they cannot live without them. If Wealth is something that you cannot live without, then the great container ships of commerce should be laden heavily with Heroin.

All Wealth is not something to be shied from just because it is Good to do so. Wealth has to be defined, and prioritized. Understand what wealth it is that you really need, what are those most important things to you, and shy from the rest. Help others to understand what is truly of value, and they will be wealthy simply from this knowledge.

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