Friday, May 02, 2008

UK Local Elections 2008; Part 1

Here are the UK Local election results, except for the London Mayoral and Assembly Election (which will not be published for a few hours, but there is no need to compare Robert Mugabe with Ken Livingstone for they are so obviously similar).

Labour has died. Conservatives have risen. Liberal Democrats have sat on the fence.

Other rates of Change? Notice that the BNP is growing at twice the rate of the Green Party, and is the fastest growing party. Somebody will try to use this meaningless and misleading statistic at the next election to sell Labour Votes to the Guardian Readers Who Can't Do Maths.

Absolute numbers? Notice that the rates of Change are absolutely inconsequential. The combined size of the BNP and the Green Party make up less than 1% of the total number of councillors. Britain is not Zimbabwe. There is no such thing as radical change at an election, whether or not it is democratically legitimate.

Other useful notes:

1. The BNP was only ever useful for drumming up support for the Labour Party, but they barely serve that purpose any more.

2. The Green Party is still a joke in the UK, despite the enormous middle-class concern for Global Warming over the last few years.

3. Both parties are nothing but foils and distractions who have no effect, and will have no effect in my lifetime, on the real power or government in the United Kingdom.

And none of this is either good or bad. It is just a statement of calculation.

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