Saturday, May 03, 2008

UK Local Elections 2008 : Part 2

At last, the London Results are in. It took an extra day, because of all the high technology electricity consumption methods they were using to count the votes.

Is this worth blogging? So Ken Livingstone lost. Well, to his credit, at least he stepped down. To the Electoral System's credit, democracy in the UK is sufficiently intact that Ken Livingstone HAD to step down, because he lost. There is the difference between Britain and Zimbabwe.

And the next biggest news will have nothing to do with the Green Party, which achieved nothing by sporting a young bright Nice North London Luvvie. Yes, it is that Richard Barnbrook of the BNP, has through the system of Proportional Representation, gotten the first seat ever for the BNP in the London Assembly.

Well, the only problem with this is the amount of police security that will have to be paid for to protect him and the whole London Assembly process. Very Expensive for the taxpayer. For it is a fact that he will endure more ill will than Salmon Rushdie, as the mini-tornadoes of Anti-Fascism will be whipped up to stir the paranoia of the many sheep who have been indoctrinated with fear.

And how will any of this help the planet? None at all. Because it will distract everyone from Humanity's Duty of Care towards its Mother Earth. This is 2008, not 1938. There are twice as many people on the planet today, and the majority of them live in nations that can build the atom bomb. The danger to the world today has nothing to do with dangerous human ideas being taken up by the masses. The danger to the world today is that the masses are sleep walking into the future. A future of a Market Matrix in which notions of Democracy, Freedom, Consumer Choice, Humanism and Resource Appropriation are the hyphae that will smother the rest of the diversity of life species on this planet.

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