Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BBC Web Changes and BBC Globalism

The BBC has been changing its online presence, and has recently been reducing its attempts to build community, i.e., in this case, its Radio 4 Today Programme's message boards, which were once a public forum for expression.

We would expect this kind of thing in China or the old Soviet Union.

Well, this kind of thing has always happened in Britain. People who think otherwise were just lulled by the uncensored novelty that WAS the internet of the early days. Indeed, the amount of restraint and censorship and control of internet content has been building up, even if it has taken many years to catch up with this 15 years old technology.

The BBC is a funny animal on the planet.

A. It survives by flying the flag of Britain.

B. Most of its patriots and global advocates claim to be anti-nationalists.

This might seem to be one of my inane wonderings, but let's go ahead and subject it to ruthless logic.

If A = True AND B = True, then the falsehood must exist within A or B, because anti-nationalists would not be flying the flag of a nation.

If A = True and B = False, then the BBC's World Service cannot claim to be impartial to Britain's interests.

If A = False and B = True, then the BBC should not have any claim to public funding, either directly from the British Government, or the British TV Licence (an inefficient form of taxation which always trails technological development).

If A = False and B = False, then why does most of the BBC's funding come from the British public, and why isn't the whole world dumping Globalism openly?

The BBC, and the world, is very confused. When you have spent your entire life chasing a dream of building one world of peoples who live peacefully and equitably together, how long would it take you to question yourself openly and honestly about whether this is a desirable thing for the planet and all its living things, of which humanity is only one part?

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