Saturday, August 09, 2008

Art to Choke on

No not Tracey Emin's infantilism. This is an Artichoke in flower. In a cloudy summer.
But the Beijing Olympics have started and been a success; Georgia and Russia have started fighting over a few mountains called Ossetia, so at last there will be no more of that "Free Tibet" stuff, yippee!

Human Rights in Ossetia? Most people in Britain will never be able to spell it, so it will never take off. But Russia? Most people in Britain know just as little about Russia as they do about China, India, France or even Scotland. So everybody will be able to hate it just as much as they hate China, India, France or even Scotland.

I am having to eat cucumbers because I have grown my first ever ones successfully. But the tomatoes this year are disastrous. Lots of blight, few tomatoes. Of course, because it is a wet summer, runner beans are doing well, and because it is quite warm, cucumbers and squashes are thriving.

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