Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some silly global event in Beijing

There is some silly event going on in Beijing which is one of the most global communions of Masturbation known to Mankind.

Curiously, the Three Nations at the top of the gold medals table are each the owners of the acknowledged centres of Globalization, namely New York, London, Hong Kong (NYLonKong).

Also curiously, the IOC and Seb Coe have stated that they know it will be the very last extravaganza of its kind. The 2012 version will be "sustainable".

Some people will say that they are chasing the fashion of being green. But to me it seems that the people at the top have had their fill of globalization, and know the party is over. They are pulling back, even as I am at last fully aware of what they have been doing. They will change the rules now. What will they be next, do you think?

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