Tuesday, September 09, 2008

London Today has no English People

It was nearly 10pm.

Sitting on the bench outside the train station were two men in their late twenties, fit, healthy, having a beer and probably East European.

Standing over them, apparently trying to converse with them, was another man, notably different because he was wearing a full-length leather coat, in the style popularized by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. He was about their age, and sufficiently tall and attractive to not have ever suffered deprivation in his adulthood.

He stood up, and appeared frustrated as he walked away. As he passed me, with his mobile phone to his ear , I heard him saying into the phone, "Fucking hell, where do these fucking foreigners come from". His accent was from London. He could have been the last English London-born Londoner left in London.

The foreigners were back to loudly chatting between themselves. Their language was undoubtedly East European.


People who visit London today for the first time, expecting to meet English people, might be shocked to discover none at all across vast swathes of the city. Even where they can be found, they are seldom in majority.

So riding the trains and buses of London, you will not encounter any of the stereotypes that you have in your mind, that you might have learned from a film, television, or books.

That's the way it is, today.

What turned London into this? Globalization. Who allowed Globalization to go this far? The State. Who have been the State? The Labour Party have been the State for nearly 12 years. The Conservatives were the State for 18 years before that. Who advised them in this regard? The globalist economists. What was the primary focus of the Economists? Wealth of the most material kind.

Is London alone in this? No, but it is one of the most globalized cities in the world. Perhaps Los Angeles and New York City are at the same level.

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