Thursday, April 08, 2004

Amazon was a rainforest, once

From out the sky the multi-coloured fly did fall
into the Web. A corner of the web far away
from the Spider that did spin it.
When birds flew by
the multi-coloured fly they saw it
floundering like a fish,
And thinking of this tasty dish they
swooped down, but seeing how sticky was this web, they
braked, fired their reverse thrusters, and
beat their wings against the empty air.

Upon the ground the lizards
lounged and waited for the fly.
The spider spun and spun and spun then stopped, and
from its Alien belly
phalanxes of nanocoded robots marched,
crawling about its Web to check what it had netted.
When they came upon the fly, multi-coloured,
far away from the spider, they
cut away the sticky threads to carry it
back to the spider, far away. But the vortex
from the hungry birds shook the web, and
the robots lost their hold of the multi-coloured fly,
for a picosecond. The lizard tongues flashed,
as the multi-coloured fly dashed
for the shelter of a huge pungent flower
and safely there began to sup hungrily on its rotten smell,
for there was nothing to eat, but the promise of the smell,
and from the flower's axils, drops of goo seeping from glands,
digested the fly as the flower closed up.

The spider spun and spun and spun,
The birds flew by
The lizards lounged
The flower fruited
And down to earth it fell
A hog sniffed the fruit, swallowed it.
6 miles away, the next day
it shit the seeds.

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