Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Skewed Multiculturalism in Newham

Opened my back door this morning, and instead of being met with the sound of birds and the rustle of spring leaves in the breeze, what do I hear? A horrible sound, a male caterwauling of some religious bent.

I put on the radio to try and drown it out while I was working, but still those shrill calls of the male-desperate-to-get-the-attention-of-the-whole-wide-world-by-screaming-his-religion rose over the few electronic Watts of sound that I could muster.

This lasted several hours, and the temperature of my blood heated up faster than the cooling spring air. When the noise began increasing, I went ballistic and stormed out the door, around the corner, and went marching down the street looking for the source of this inconsiderate noise. I had thought it was the third garden over behind mine, but no, it wasn't. I proceeded down the road towards the station, and suddenly realised that the sound was coming from beyond Manor Park Station, indeed from the Romford Road, A THIRD OF A MILE AWAY from where I live. The noise had been even louder than the trains that rush through the Manor Park.

I suddenly recalled seeing the notice on the Romford road of a religious procession that was to take place today (Sunday). Infuriated at the noise, I went to look, but found not a colourful or fascinating parade (unless it was already over), but a couple of vans with speakers blaring this wretched noise.

To what extent does ONE minority have special rights over ANOTHER minority that allows the bigger minority to bombard their neighbours in this inconsiderate manner? Do these special rights come from the strength of numbers? If this is the case, then the smaller minority deserves the greater protection than the bigger minority, or else we revert to the Law of the Jungle such as in the USA, namely: "MIGHT IS RIGHT".

I feel so entirely embattled here in East London. I am visibly "ethnic" (to use that word debased by the Commission for Racial Equality) but I am so hopelessly outnumbered by strident and vigourous "minorities". Indeed, I feel sorry for all those old Eastenders who are the suffering English minority here in Manor Park.

This is just one small example of the flaws of multiculturalism, which in any case was never well understood/explained/considered in Britain. In Canada, Pierre Trudeau (who had the intelligence and the power of speech to express it) implemented multiculturalism IN THE LATE SEVENTIES. It is still there today, although it is struggling to find a future path. In Britain, nobody has the wit to analyze Canada's experience, let alone the honest, intelligent integrity needed to borrow from and improve upon it. So here we are, in East London, suffering from the chaotic imposition of an ill-conceived multiculturalism, while Robin Wales and the Guardian writers like to boast that we're one harmonious, uniformly successful community.

Please note there was no Easter parade with a brass band booming in this neighbourhood last Sunday. There was no festival of Cantonese Opera, let alone the traditional wailing Cantonese funeral procession. There was no St Patrick's Day parade here. There was no Samba band from South America whooping it up on the streets. Only the noise today of some religious procession of one domineering "minority".

Please, can we have a Samba band? That is MY religion. Why are my beliefs not catered for? Or am I supposed to give in to living in a society of ghettoes?

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