Tuesday, April 06, 2004

London | Woman, 64, raped in racist attack

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Woman, 64, raped in racist attack
Here is another example of social decay in Britain. In London, too. Well away from any tourist area. Well away from the Zone 1 and Zone 2 concentric districts of London which have been gentrified so that the new Establishment (of wolves in socialist clothing) can glory in their overvalued properties. Where fifteen years ago this sort of thing used to be an Inner City crime, today it is a Zone 3 and 4 crime.

While most people still think rapists are just sexually sick psychos who can't control their animal urges, this demonstrates a case of rape used as an outlet for racism.

While most people think that racism is perpetrated by whites and endured by "minorities", this demonstrates a case where it is the other way around.

People will become aware that the attainment of social equality extends to all areas of life. Will they realize that it might be time to build a civilized society again?

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