Wednesday, April 14, 2004


You were born with so much more than anybody else. Or so it would have seemed. And what did you do with it? What was missing from you that set you back so much?

Didn't your mother love you, or did she love you too much? Wasn't your father warm enough with you?

Did they come from big loving families? Were your grandparents the best, or weren't they there at all?

So if you know those answers, why don't you find your missing link? It won't come to you while you sit there afraid to look. Don't carry on with the same old cup of tea and the newspaper. Don't go on the computer and spend hours playing with yourself.

Do people tell you to love yourself even more? You must be kidding, where will all that energy go into, a metamorphosis into a robot Narcissus? Why don't they tell you to grow your own wheat, drill for your own oil, forge your own steel? Neither they nor you have to bury your own shit in the ground, but they tell you that you need to love yourself more?

Those people should have been shot, not the innocent ones in Rwanda. No, just be pig ignorant, go buy yourself another CD at Virgin, you're not harming anyone else. Go do some serious drugs while you're at it, hey you're free! Well you want to be cool, don't you? After all, you're sane and sorted, aren't you?

What will happen when somebody finally needs you? Will they bother, when you didn't even know how to help the person that loved you? Will you even notice that they ever needed you, or will you pass from this world without any feeling, like some dumb car?

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