Monday, August 30, 2004

Bank Holiday Monday

Woke up feeling great! Best since before the mugging. I wish I could bottle the recipe for feeling like this. There must be at least 340 other days in the year when I'd do well to have some on the shelf.

So what possible ingredients might they be?
  • The Olympics are over. Well, they were fantastic entertainment, and finished in excellent style, and perhaps like any good party leave you with a sense of wellbeing to take away with you.
  • Or it could be two-thirds of a bottle of red last night? All those anti-oxidants, and the time-tested potency of the grape to revive the human spirit?
  • Or it could have been the distracting company of D in Highbury over Saturday night?
  • Or it could be the fresh Atlantic weather that is fluctuating between rain and blue sky over cycles of ten minutes?
  • Or the brightest moonbeams last night, that I've seen around these parts in yonks. That full moon was glowing so starkly that it must have blinded what few owls are left in South East England!
  • Or it could be the unexpected final rebound after rotting with depression for 5 days at my experience of being mugged.

Who's to know? Wish I did though!

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