Thursday, August 19, 2004

Domestic Cats and Wildlife

I recall that domestic cats are in the Top Ten of animals that are responsible for the demise and even extinction of wildlife and rare species on our tiny overused planet.

Not a surprise at all, really, which is why I wish cat-lovers were regarded in a similar light to smokers.

Last Saturday was a fine sunny morning, and I thought to myself, "I will walk barefoot on my lawn today, because I haven't felt the grass between my toes this year".

It was a lovely feeling, until:

SQUISH! Cat Shit!

Thank goodness I was in a good humour to start with, otherwise I would have decapitated any cat that dared cross my path that day, and then boasted about it on National Television to the RSPCA.

One of the neighbours a few doors down has a black-and-white cat that takes advantage of the fact that I have the most organic, nature-friendly, wildlife-friendly, comfortable garden in the area. This cat THING refuses to take the hint that she is not allowed on my territory.

I've noticed that cats are often owned by women as substitutes for having children. Well so they should be allowed to do as they wish, but rarely does anybody dare point it out to them. The extent to which some "baby" their cats can be considered unhealthy.

Should cat owners take responsibility for what their cats do beyond their own house and garden? I think so. Dog owners are responsible for the behaviour of their dogs when they take them out on a walk. They are required to stoop and scoop. Why should cat owners be allowed to let their cats use other people's gardens as their preferred toilet?

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