Monday, March 01, 2010

Global Indians

OH my goodness, have you ever heard so much patting on the back, and "Aren't We Wonderful?". The terrifying reality that India has been taken over by people who want to be like US Americans comes home. You can see that Bollywood hasn't just imitated Hollywood, but soon there will be imitations of the Oscars, and everything else.

What I discern is that the people who have been successful, and have money, no longer are content with the status that money will buy, but want the status that comes intrinsically with class divides. And having gotten to the levels of Global Control that they have, they are going to want a Global Caste System. After all, India, with its traditional caste system was a very stratified class society before the British got there, and it had no history of social equality.

Around London you will see very many Indian people, who like so many other people from around the world in London, are struggling, and despite being talented, might never gain in their lifetimes the type of success paraded and flaunted around in this self-indulgent broadcast.

The desperate demands for social status and social recognition from various ex-colonies and Emerging Economic Powers in the world is going to be a feature for decades to come. We have had "Japan!", we have been getting "China!" and we are getting developing flourishes of "India!".

What a terrifying world we live in. Once upon a time all you had to worry about was a Cold War between the West and the East. Now it's so much more complicated.

That's it, I'm not going to worry any more. Just dumped this worry on my blog.

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