Saturday, March 20, 2010

The importance of Self-intelligence as opposed to General Intelligence

It has been cloudy and wet for two days now, and it has been no longer cold since Tuesday. Indeed, Wednesday was sunny and nearly too warm, and the first daffodil in my garden came into flower the day after.

I have been very tired. Tired of everything, and most of all very tired of London, as I have been for nearly a decade. I listen to BBC Radio 4, and listen for intelligence, but I hear very little that has anything to do with the world I am in here in this part of London. You can thus assume that nobody who works in the BBC or the media lives here. Why? Because they live in their ghetto world, and their jobs have become to maintain the ghettoes of the British Empire, an empire which fell over 70 years ago but which many people fantasize to be still existing through the BBC.

When I am out I see few British people, hear few British people, and even though it has been like this for the last decade, I still find it taxing, more so because it is never discussed. Even when people here speak English, they seem to lack the power of speech, expression and erudition. The whole difficulty is never discussed, because in the light of the dangers of inflammatory political racism, it has never been allowed to be publicly discussed, yet those of us who have to carry on have to carry on.

In these circumstances, self-intelligence, namely your intelligence about yourself and your dependence on your own (not other people's) intelligence, are essential survival traits. As I turned to my blog I read back on my posting from two weeks ago, and not surprisingly, it is the only intelligence that invigorates me.

Now that I have been reminded of the importance of a self-limiting sense of failure, I suspect that it is more important than the intelligence that I can glean from those people out there.

What are those people doing out there in London? They are eating, sleeping, and shitting, in the liberal democratic section of the Global Human Economic Machine, and they are busy playing at religion and having families. You would think the human race were in danger of de-population, the way these people are busying themselves with bringing their children into this overcrowded world that doesn't even have many fish left in the sea.

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