Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luddites Arise - Robots and Computers replace People in the Global Human Economic Machine

Avtar Rahl, 58, is the human face of those statistics.
He had been working in electronics for 32 years when he was made redundant over a year ago. He was referred to the job club by Jobcentre Plus.

"Over the last few years I watched the staff numbers on the shop floor dwindle from over 100 to a handful as the firm became fully automated," he says.

Automation and Computers have been replacing people progressively in all areas of the economy.

Yet the thick-as-shit liberals and day-dreaming socialists have carried on regardless, without any thought about where it will all end up. Probably because theirs are the only jobs that have not been replaced by computers and automation.

It is time to replace the social workers, the menopausal salarywomen, the tenured humanitarian workers, the judges etc, with computers and automation. Let them see how much they like it, and when they've experienced the pain, they will understand that to be Luddite is essential and intelligent, whereas to be Progressive is ignorant and blundering. If the Global Human Economic Machine were a car, then the Luddite knows he must control the car or dump it and walk. Whereas the Progressive races onward, carelessly believing that there is no cliff or crash ahead.

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