Saturday, February 27, 2010

Faith in Oneself

Having found some understanding of Faith, the Emotion it occurs to me that faith in oneself is probably more important than the faith in all sorts of gods that religions and secular commerce are always selling us.

Faith in oneself will like all types of faith suffer disappointment, but it is better to have faith in oneself, suffer disappointment, and recover with a revised faith in oneself, than to never at all have faith in oneself.

Intelligent use of faith that accepts disappointment and revises its emotional foundation when applied to the self is the essential starting point for similar good practice of faith in groups of people, communities and religions.

There is no use hearing that you must have faith in yourself unless you hear how you must do that. Have faith, keep faith, lose faith, understand loss, modify faith, have faith, keep faith, lose faith, analyse loss, refine faith and so on and so on all one's life.

I have utter faith in my ability to procrastinate.

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