Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Project Prevention - Drug Addict Sterilization

Radio 4 on BBC features Barbara Harris of Project Prevention, an USAperson, who having seen that children of drug addicts suffer horribly (eg from drug withdrawal after birth), has taken a stand to encourage these people to use contraception.

Her arguments are brilliant. Fergal Keane sounds like a sickly ivory tower liberal academic because it's his job to put his interviewees to the test (Well, he does usually seem like quite a sickly liberal in general, like one of those journalists who had to stand in the middle of a warzone as a reporter before he could actually feel the difference between right and wrong).

Anybody who has worked in hospitals, social services, or with druggies, or come close to their havoc, will have to agree that she is doing the bravest thing possible. She is a liberal, who is coming back to put boundaries on liberalism. Since the Sixties, we have been waiting for people like this. No need for neo-cons anymore.

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