Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cars, Cars, Damned Cars

2010 and still the World is drowning in Cars, Cars, Damned cars. All over North America, Europe, East Asia they are like an infestation, an infection, a disease. Yet other countries are rushing blindly to copy this horrible mistake. Why?

Cars are Ugly.
Cars are Common.
Cars are Smelly.
Cars are Everywhere.
Cars are Dangerous.
Cars are Boring.
Cars are XXXXing Noisy.

Lots of Cars Need Lots of Parking Lots.
Lots of Cars Need Lots of Roads.

Parking Lots are Ugly.
Parking Lots are Common.
Parking Lots are Smelly.
Parking Lots are Everywhere.
Parking Lots are Dangerous.
Parking Lots are Boring.
Parking Lots are XXXXing Wasteful.

Lots of Roads mean Roads lead Nowhere
Lots of Roads mean Lots of Cars.

Roads are Ugly.
Roads are Common.
Roads are Smelly.
Roads are Everywhere.
Roads are Dangerous.
Roads are Boring.
Roads are XXXXing Obstructive.

When I see people in their cars, who cannot live without their cars, their parking for their cars, and their sitting their ugly bums in their cars, I despair for a world-changing idea.

Why do economists make People want This? New immigrants go to advanced economies and the first thing they want is a car. Then a bigger car. Then a more expensive car. Meanwhile, the locals already there think that they need a car for status, when it seems so obvious to me that only trash could like cars.

Today Britain is covered in ugly cars, big metal lumpy things with no style, in horrible metallic greys and colours.

Cars are Like Death Capsules,
Looking for Original Hell.
Poisoned Rivers of Cars Hurtling Together
Poison Drivers of Cars Hurting To get there.


cool cars said...

Currently i don't have a car but I have motor bike. Wish I could have a car and I never say that cars are ugly.

loveandtheplanet said...

Do you need a car to look sexy? Why?

Do you need a car to be admired? Why?

Do you need a car to love yourself? Why?

Would a car give you any exercise?

Does a car give any life to this earth?