Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twitter is Dog Shit

Twitter is such a load of rubbish. Having been on there, I can't really understand why anybody stays on it. How sad these people must be, clutching their little gadgets, walking around, and then suddenly feeling lonely and thinking they must tweet.

Tweet? For fuck sakes! Birds tweet. Go out and listen to the birds. Go out and stop companies from importing soy beans for animal feeds and palm oil for biscuits and soap, and maybe you will get a chance some day to listen to the birds tweeting in the rainforest.

Twitter is garbage. Twitter is the exploitation of the child's mind that still exists in every adult, by holding it in a state of suspension of immaturity. Okay, this exploitation has existed since the dawn of civilization, and has been perpetrated by magicians, Bible-sellers, and doll-house makers alike, but what's different?

Twitter is new, so even though its users have started seeing through it, nobody has yet really dumped on it. Suckers for something new sometimes go onto something else new and never stop being suckers.

The next post will be an ode to growing up.

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