Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smile and Cry

Little baby so looked after,
Learned to smile to be looked after.
Some days found itself alone,
And thought it was going to die.
But little baby could not cry,
for it had learned to smile
and not to cry.

So little baby trapped within
Smiled and smiled and smiled again.
The smiles could never be heard from afar
And seen up close they looked morose.
So still baby found itself alone,
Afraid it would die
And wanting to cry.

Oh little baby,
cry, cry, cry,
Free yourself!
Try, try, try!
I will hear you,
I will behold you,
I will show you.
You will hear me,
You will be held by me,
You will learn from me,
To listen and look
And wonder why you cried.
Wonder at the fear
That welled up from inside.
Wonder at what you can do
When I am not with you.

For you may be alone
But you are now grown.
For those who have died
You have already cried.
Use all that you know
And more you will grow.
When to smile
When to cry
And when to get up and go.

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