Saturday, September 18, 2004

Flat Tire

She is so beautiful. Hetero week fades away at last, and yet she is so beautiful. A woman. One so beautiful that thoughts of dying or killing for her flow easily to your soul. And she knows she has this effect on some men and women, and she sees it instantly in their eyes, and steers away.

It is as much a burden to be beautiful as it is to be ugly. For to be average is all that society caters to. One day she will be old and no one will look at her. She knows this, but those who desire her do not. Such is the depth of desire in man, that even I, only a gay man, am overwhelmed by her beauty as a woman.

Thank God hetero week fades away. Her burden is great, and I shall not add to it any more.

My bike tire went flat suddenly. At last, after 12 years. What better time than when I am slouching along at 8 miles an hour. Thank God I wasn't zipping down Westerham Hill at 35 mph. Thank my lucky stars.

Contrast is relief.

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