Monday, September 13, 2004

Tendons, Tendon Training, Tendon Fitness

With unflagging consistency, the most Google-searched item on this Blog of mine, is curiously Tendonosis

So how many others are out there, who having had no athletic gifts in childhood, never had to learn how to use their bodies? How many of these are now discovering the workings of their body by virtue of pains that seem to never go away? Pains that occur because of the ageing body's decreased ability to heal, re-grow things, and cover up damage?

Some of the shoulder tendons that first screamed at my brain have taken years to recover but are only back to 80% of how I remember them. And it occurred to me that nobody ever talks about exercising their tendons. Every unimaginative sheep on this planet wants toned muscles, strong muscles, big muscles, defined muscles or tireless muscles. What are muscles attached to? Bones. What connects a muscle to a bone? Tendons.

What use are good muscles if your tendons are crap? People understand Achilles tendons because they hear about it on TV , but forget that for every muscle in their body, there are at least two or more tendons.

Here's Ligament and Tendon Structure and Function which explains tendons and was recommended in Tendon Training (itself showing that weight trainers think about tendons).

The point is: when are general fitness types and not just body-builders going to include tendon awareness into their ha-ha la-dee-da chit-chat about Staying Fit?

Ageing would be so much easier if the 99% of the population that pretends it isn't there, started understanding its processes and living accordingly.

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