Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wheelie Bin Surprise * September Starts

On Monday I looked into my wheelie bin before throwing rubbish into it. I found that 20 letters had been dumped into it, in nice white envelopes, with franked postage. They were addressed from one solicitor's firm, to their various clients about London, with the correspondence dated in late July. I got in touch with the firm, and they very gratefully collected the post from me. Their clients had been complaining of not receiving the cheques in the envelopes. They suspected a disgruntled employee, but were grateful for my discovery so gave me a reward to drink in my leisure time.

Keep your eyes open, and maybe you too will see things that you wouldn't believe if you read about them.


Is this trainspotting for anoraks or what? The Transport Ticket Society ABOUT THE SOCIETY


September opened up with sunshine and clear skies, but cool to the touch. Night sets in by 8.15 pm, and the rate of change of daylight length is speeding up quickly. August was such a wet month, that this year we feel a bit cheated out of summer.

Looking for a job now, and unable to resist the natural urge to get pent up during the process. I find it incredible when I meet people who have spent 20 years in the same job, and have never been to more than half a dozen interviews in their life. What sods. No wonder they're so damn complacent and they can afford to dwell in their cocoon of unreality.

One such friend who is a Supermarket manager, understands job hunting to mean that "you walk into a shop, and if you look nice, the manager will give you an application form, so you can complete it and have a chat there and then". Hmmm.. And the same person truly doesn't question his ability to empathise or understand people from other walks of life - he just glosses over them pleasantly and smilingly shuts out what he doesn't have any first hand experience of.

Oh well, so the fantasists will be, while they have their health, and while society lets them be. Most people just work around them. Some exploit them. Some manipulate them. I seem only able to observe them with incredulity - but often with horror.

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Astolath said...

Haven't had to go job hunting for two years...

Did strike me last time round that things are getting more stringent - more interviews in front of panels, more tests on the day etc.

I used to enjoy interviews but not anymore.