Saturday, September 11, 2004

Waking to Free Will

When Slumber begins to break
And Consciousness dawns in the gaps
I am here and I am not here.
I am me and I am not me.

But why is there no one there?
When last was there someone?
Not since infancy.
To be watched over as you sleep
Is a waste of the watcher's time.
To be watched over as you wake,
Is the finest gift you could get.
Yet only the hospitalized in critical states,
Eke this gift from their loving ones.

Consciousness dawns in confusion.
I am here and I am not here.
Then where have I been
And where should I be?
Thoughts of places seem to spring no desire.
I have been there and I have been there.
My will is free and this becomes me.
The much that needs money,
The less that is free,
Free will is all relative
To watch over me.

They can teach you a Father
or the possibility of Three.
To watch over you.
Peoples have dreamed Pantheons
To watch their awakenings

I need to dream me.
To watch over me.

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