Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ex - X : Some Bridges SHOULD be burnt

So X sent me this message in an email thread which I didn't start, and didn't want.

"Well, you'd be thriving better if you hadn't broken up with me"

The pompous, conceited, selfish, egocentric whore. I've barely tolerated keeping in touch with him since we broke up 18 months ago. And I learned in my early twenties of the rule, "Don't Burn your Bridges". But damn, some bridges should be blasted to smithereens and replaced by arsenals of nuclear warheads.

He found this blog in August, much to my consternation, but I really don't care anymore. I had already decided back in May, that enough of my life was wasted on him.

So that's the last email from him I'm ever reading. I've never used the Blocked Senders feature on Outlook Express till now.

You get to choose your friends, and it's a shame you can't choose your Ex's, but you can block them out of existence. He'll be fine. He has the entire counselling profession to run to, when he isn't charging other people £30 an hour for the privilege of his arrogance and ignorance. Don't ever, ever marry a counsellor.

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