Monday, November 15, 2004


Squish, squidge, and amorphous and amoebic and the blog world shifts about like a mist. Bye to Cybersatan, who has left the blog habit and taken all his erudite writing with him.

So on AJ's suggestion, I biked down to the Queeruption Tea Party at Whitechapel. Oh I shan't bleat about how alternative it is... I don't want to be a purveyor of Cool and Alternative, unless I'm being paid for it...

Arriving by myself, since AJ had to cancel suddenly, I wasn't sure at first if it was my cup of tea, although they amazed me by having Hibiscus and Cinnamon, which was exactly what I had in my mind. It wasn't busy, maybe 40 people max, and the atmosphere was alien to me until the ice was broken by Mark, and then the rest of the evening was fun. We seemed to click somewhere on a head-level, which is an infrequent event for me. There was all sorts of music, but his friend Bridge put a lot of house on after lots of punk and eclectica by the previous DJ's, and then dancing just had to be done. Actually it was that angelic Nineties French song Voit le Voyage or whatever it is she says in French, that really stirred up my spirit. Diaphanous whirling sensuous connection to the heavens.

And truly, if Gay Men have had their day and are now universally as dull as dishwater, then Queeruption proved to me that we live in the Golden Age of Young Lesbians. There has never been a better time to be a lesbian, and like all things, that time will eventually pass. But tonight, the lesbians were the truly stunning people who were making the dress-up effort and having fun and making the fun exploratons that gay men were making 12 years ago. I was rather challenged in my perception of the difference between men and women. These were some of the the cutest and handsomest lesbians I have met in a London pub: they were attractive regardless of their gender or sex. Gosh, I wouldn't mind being a young lesbian today!

At lunch I ended up at the Golden Fleece with S and P after attending the minor hitch with his broadband installation. Gosh, is that all there is to ADSL, now? No wonder I don't have a job. Everything is such a basic commodity these days; I'm just waiting until commoditisation finally reaches the legal, medical, accounting and political professions. Disposable items, not requiring the investment of expensive expert knowledge.

Anyway, the food was terrible but the Adnam's Fisherman ale that they have on tap was utterly wonderful. A fluid beer, pleasant and convivial. It was P's birthday week too.

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