Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Abbagirls at the Angel

Chanced upon the Abbagirls on Friday evening. It was a slow night at the Angel pub in Stratford that was saved by their cabaret. I hadn't expected anything more than a tribute from some tacky drag duo. When the two ladies came on and started doing the most intelligent, wittiest study and subtlest parody of Abba that I have ever seen, I was overjoyed.

They said later that they worry if their humour goes over the heads of their audience. On that night it mostly did, as most everyone there was preoccupied with themselves. Nonetheless it was wondrous to get a glimpse of the clever minds of these two girls. I wonder if I am needing, or responding better to, inspiration from clever women, than from men.

Cabaret performances in East End pubs of London are a tradition that is struggling, such as is all traditional local culture, such is the onslaught of modern technology, travel and people migration.

I hope the White Swan books them. According to their gig guide, they'll be doing Ikea at Lakeside! HILARIOUS! Otherwise catch them at the Black Cap on the 4th June, or back at the Angel in Stratford on the 5th June.

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