Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Definitely been ill today. Bit better now, but was chilly all day and muzzy headed, and aspirin had no effect, so it isn't flu but a cold. Couldn't do much physical work. Times like this always scare me. Enough for me to despise my own body for its fragility. Not that it gets anywhere to do that, although it is a helpful distraction from whatever pain there is.

Spent much of the day playing with the new Blogger features. Otherwise accomplished nothing.

I can't even be bothered to envy those people who never get ill. There are some, and of course they just take it for granted. They've never been any use to me, they aren't any use to me, and they will never be any use to me. They're not much use in the medical/nursing/care professions either. Their rude health gives them endless energy, and unassailable ignorance, but tends to make some of them do foolish things where their recklessness inflicts unhappy substitutes upon them. For example, they break an arm or a leg.

Oh well, best turn to my teddy bears.

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